Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New life, New City

OK, so everyone is harping on me because its been forever since my last post...nine months to be exact... so here goes nothing. Boy how our world has been turned upside down in the past few months. Adam got a new position with Accenture working for NASA, so we packed up our life in Birmingham and moved to Huntsville. We have been here officially a week and a half. Lydia seems to like her new home. We are renting an apartment that's practically the same size as our home was in Birmingham. Lydia has her own play room and her bedroom in the apartment is much bigger than hers at our past house, so I think she approves! I enjoy living in Huntsville too. Its beautiful here! There is so much to do, but I miss my friends terribly. Lydia misses her friends at school too. She still talks about her friends and teachers and calls them by name, especially when I read books to her or count with her. Lydia is 18 months now and talking more than ever (cant imagine who she gets that from). She counted to 10 all by herself yesterday!! It was amazing! She's also bilingual,speaking Arabic often. I hope to start working again part time in August, so I know she will be excited to start going to school again. I promise to be diligent in my blogging efforts to keep everyone updated on our new life. I will also post some pictures of the new apartment once we get it in tip top shape. That's all for to unpack the last few boxes..

The Madi family in front of our house in Pelham the day we moved to Huntsville