Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lydia at 9 months

Where in the world has the time gone? Is it possible that my little baby girl is already nine months old? I look at her every single day in amazement. Lydia has finally taken off and is crawling everywhere! It took her a while to figure out that her knees work to her advantage :) She is her mother's child...talking non stop (if someone would just invent a baby translator already). Her favorite word..daddy. From the time she wakes up, until the time she goes to bed she says "daddy" and looks around until she finds him, and if she doesn't see him, she will call him until he answers. Naturally, in response, Adam melts into a puddle of lovey goo. She already has him wrapped around her tiny little finger. Some of her other favorite words: Mama (yay, finally I get some recognition!), hi, bye-bye, thank you (dank doo), la la (my sister Lauren) and no no no (yes they learn this one early on!). Her 9 month check up went really well. She passed her developmental evaluation with flying colors. She weighed 17 lbs, 2 1/2 oz, only in the 25th percentile for weight (she's a little doodlebug), and was 28 inches long, the 50th percentile for her age. She has started finger foods and LOVES to eat. Some of her favorite foods: FIGS (she screams for more once she's gobbled them all up), squash, homemade chicken meat balls, baby pancakes with peaches and mashed bananas, bananas, cantaloupe, goldfish crackers, yogurt melts, and puffs! I have created quite the little foodie and I am enjoying trying new recipes for her. I know it sounds cheesy, but being a mommy really is the best job in the world. Hearing "mama" on the baby monitor in the morning is the best alarm clock in the world, and seeing her sweet toothless gummy smile 24 hours a day is absolutely irreplaceable.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Long time, no blog

So apparently I suck at blogging. My sincere apologies for the lack of blog posts for the past, oh... I don't know, 6 months. But in my defense I have a pretty wonderful excuse. I love being a mom! From the time I wake up to the time I go to bed my life is consumed with all things Lydia, and I wouldn't have it any other way! I cant believe how much she has grown! My sweet little baby is on her way to being a big girl. These days she's full of tricks: rolling around (everywhere!), sitting up, saying "mama" and "baba" (that's what she calls Adam, which is Arabic for daddy), starting to scoot/crawl (she goes backwards instead of forwards), and eating finger foods. She is now one week shy of 8 months old. I know everyone says it, but it really is true, they grow up too fast! I'm learning to treasure every moment with her and I'm so thankful to have a loving husband who works extra hard so that I don't have to miss a single one :) .

Monday, January 10, 2011

My growing girl

I apologize for being so neglectful in my blog updates. Lydia is growing so so fast! She is two months old already! I can't believe it! We had a great first Christmas as a family. Her eyes were fixed on the Christmas tree and the bright colored wrapping paper. I helped her open her presents and showed her what Santa left for her. Im pretty sure she was excited, she cooed and drooled a little. Its so cool to start our own family traditions. Here she is with her stocking.. dont you love the enthusiasm in her sweet little face?

Everyday is a new adventure for her. You can see the little wheels turning in her head as she explores the world around her. She LOVES her tummy time mat. She tries her best to talk to the little rotating animals and she kicks her feet like crazy! She is constantly doing something new. Tonight she laughed for the very first time! I was getting her ready for her bath and starting blowing raspberries on her tummy and she got tickled! She let out the cutest laugh I have ever heard! I almost cried! Being a mama is such an incredible feeling. I am so thankful for such an amazing blessing. Lydia Adalene has stolen my heart :)